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Poster illustration by Patrick Kyle. Printed by Jesjit Gill.

This year we have over 30+ artists contributing to the event!

Participating Artists:
Brandon Dalmer
Sarah Kilpack
Deirdre Fraser-Gudrunas
Alison Thompson
Morris Fox
Emily Colquhoun
Sarah Friend
Sarah McCaw
Courtney Parks
Melissa Fisher
Sasha Foster
Airin Mcguinty
Pat Jefferies
David Hanes
Dan Epstein
Vlade Shestakov
Brian Schirk
Beth Richards
Lo Bil
Brian Schirk
Beth Richards
Jamie Ross
Don Miller
Zain Burgees
Marlaina Read
Luisa Ayala
Nick Flanagan

Collaborations by:
Chris Boni & Seth Scriver
Randy Gagne & Mani Mazinani
Jessie Currell & Rebecca Noone
Neelam Kler & Albin Loostrom

With Performances by:
Dune Buddies
Nick Flanagan
Sunken Skulls
Cell Memory and Castle If
Maylee Todd aka MALOO


Installation by Vanessa Rieger at Ghost Hole I.

Its that time of year when the light begins to fade and the shadows come out to play. Through painstaking hours of divination and communing with spirits, this year’s Ghost Hole IV has determined to reveal itself on Toronto Island’s Haunted Public School. (aka Artscape’s Gibraltar Point Art Residency)

For detailed information on the location CLICK HERE.

Toddler Body performing at Ghost Hole II in Double Double Land afterparty.

GHOST HOLE IV will be opening between these dates:
October 26th and 27th, 2012.

This October 2012, we are looking for creative ghosts and ghouls to activate the old public school by presenting artworks, photographs, installations, performances, dance, storytelling and other ritualistic means of activating the space.

Also this year, art-psychics and their mediums will be welcomed to rent spaces in Artscape and participate in the Ghost Hole 2 week residency prior to event.

Installation by Brandon A. Dalmer and Cameron Stott at Ghost Hole II

Breif Bio:
Contact Information:
Project Title:
Project Description:
Supporting Material: (Maximum 5 photos or videos)
Interest in Residency: (yes?/no?)

Send Submissions to

OCTOBER 7th at Midnight

Performance installation by Maggie Flynn at Ghost Hole III.